Saturday, February 24, 2007


Saturday, February 24, 2007
YouTube Founder Chad Hurley Says AGLOCO Concept Wins

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) - YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley made news at a meeting of some of the globe's most powerful people Saturday, announcing that his wildly successful site will start sharing revenue with its millions of users.
(Just like Agloco will do)

"Chad Hurley just joined Bill Gates in endorsing exactly what AGLOCO wants to do – give the economic value to the user.

Of course, like Bill Gates ($$$$$), Chad Hurley has already sold his YouTube company for $1.6 billion to Google so he can afford to be in a generous mood. And really how much will YouTube members get to share?

Google shareholders are hoping not too much.

With AGLOCO - THE Economic Network. No such conflict.

The Members are the Owners and WILL share the revenue.

EVEN more important. The people building out the AGLOCO network NOW will be sharing in the $1.6 billion – or whatever the value of AGLOCO becomes. This is a huge difference.(You will receive AGLOCO shares as well as Cash for just surfing the internet 5 hours per month PLUS your referrals down four levels under You)

Join AGLOCO, Support it, Make it grow NOW. And it can really change the way the economics of the Internet will be in the future.

"Why is it LOCO?...Not to Join AGLOCO That's simple, it's ALWAYS FR*EE!Earn Income...Earn AGLOCO Shares!You're gonna love this!

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