Thursday, March 1, 2007


My Perspective of Agloco, in my dreams….

A business opportunity with a totally revolutionary concept
which potentially will help millions of internet users to getthe share they deserve.

Having your business positioned in the hottest industry
-social communities, that is literally exploding.

Having your business backed by a large Management Team
made up of highly intellectual individuals whose identities and
credentials are fully disclosed.

Being given an opportunity to build a business without any
capital outlay, through a 5-level unilevel referral program.
And the business has the potential to become a public-listed
entity. Your only investment is your time and effort.

Building a business that you yourself is an owner jointly
with all other members. And this business has the potential
to partner with some of the “Big Names” in the list of
Fortune500, Wall Street and Nasdaq.

For the first time in the history of the internet, you, as an
internet user, have the opportunity to “Own The Internet”.

Now Imagine…
You’re the only game in town and the town is the entire World.
Today, what we have dreamed, imagined, hoped and prayed for
has, in fact, soon become a reality. And I have the pleasure
of welcoming you to join us in Agloco
to write a new chapter in the Internet History.

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